Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders


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Unfortunately, sometimes vulnerable adults are not treated properly and this can lead to investigation, mandatory reporting and ultimately court action under

If there is an allegation that a vulnerable adult is being abandoned, abused, financially exploited a court action can be brought under RCW 74.34, the Abuse of Vulnerable Adults act, for a vulnerable adult protection order.

If the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the adult is vulnerable and is facing abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation then the court may issue an order and put into place systems to protect the adult.  

The court may issue an immediate temporary order and then set a full hearing within 14 days of the temporary order being issued.

Washington Courts have created model forms to help citizens through the process.  

We are available to assist in the process of either petitioning for the protection of a vulnerable adult, or helping those who are respondents to these actions.  

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