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Fees for issues regarding harassment orders can vary greatly depending upon the work that you would like done.  

We strive to keep fees manageable for our clients. Most often they seem to range from between $1,000 - $7,500, however, because of the sometimes heated emotions involved in these cases we have seen fees escalate above those numbers.  

Usually we charge an hourly rate for the work that we do on antiharassment protection orders; DV protection orders and VAPOs.

At the beginning of the case we provide you an estimate of what we believe the case will cost and ask that these funds be deposited into a trust account that we hold on your behalf.  This means that the money is still your money.  

Once the funds are deposited into the trust account we begin work and only withdraw the funds after they are earned.  

At the end of the case any unearned funds left in the trust account are returned to you. 

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